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Pahee Chiang Rai Thailand washed process 300g

Tasting Notes
Roasted Nuts
Milk Chocolate
Roast Level
Single Origin

Kohi Roastery -
The Pahee washed process is our most popular comfort coffee. It is cultivated by a tribal people called Arkhas on Doi Pahee at an altitude of 1200 MASL in Chiang Rai, Thailand. On the same day of harvest, carefully-handpicked ripe Catimor coffee cherries are immediately processed at the farm. The process used for W1000 is a traditional washed process. The coffee cherries are first cleaned and sorted, and then rested in natural mountain conditions until they are ready for depulping. After depulping the coffee beans with the mucilage intact are appropriately fermented until they are ready for mucilage removal by washing with natural mountain water. The coffee beans in their parchments are then dried and stored. Twenty 8 Co, our milling partners, always rest and store coffees in their natural state at a customized humidity- and temperature-controlled facility. This ensures that all our partners receive the best green beans that are minimally exposed to environmentfactors unfriendly to coffee. Catimor Washed Process 1200 MASL Notes - Herbal, Roasted Nuts, Milk Chocolate Medium Roast for Espresso รอบคั่ว: Every Week
ค่าส่ง: Exclusive Delivery Rate - 35 บาท (Buffet)

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